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history of the company

History of the Family Business

Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens are hand made near Florence, Tuscany by a family that have been in business since 1575.
The oven moulds and techniques used today are exactly the same as they were more than 400 years ago! In the Made By Hand Gallery you can see you can see each step of the process and also the moulds in the factory.

Several of our ovens are still in use in large country and town houses today - some are over 200 years old. As well as wood fired ovens ovens, the family also makes traditional wood burners (the equivalent of the very popular cast iron wood burners we have here in the UK) - these were used in houses, schools, country estates, municipal buildings and several examples still exist and are in use today. If you are interested in our wood burners then please contact us for more information.

We feel that Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens are the best available on the market - this is because of the superior materials used, the oven design and our commitment to quality. Our ovens are also built to last hundreds of years (and they do!) and we are proud to sell them.