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Hand Made For 400 Years

Italy Imported ovens are hand made to order - this is the process:

  • The terracotta clay - from the same source as the clay that the tiles used for Florence Cathedral are made from - is mixed to the specific (and secret!) recipe ...
  • in the large clay mixing machine
  • Then the clay is compressed and excess water is expelled along with any air bubbles using the Vacuum Pug - this is also known as "wedging"
  • The clay is wrapped in plastic until it is used - this is to prevent it drying out.
  • The moulds - these are the original, "antique" moulds that the factory uses
  • and the hand tools for moulding the clay.
  • The clay is pressed by hand into the moulds and finished to the highest possible standard
  • ensuring that the oven will fit together nicely after it has been fired.
  • The hand moulded pieces are then dried in a controlled environment, the final stage before being fired. Dark clay is wet and light grey is dryer
  • The dried pieces are arranged and wheeled into the enormous kiln to be fired
  • The enormous kiln
  • The fired pieces emerge from the kiln - transformed from grey clay to recognisable terracotta
  • Various pieces post firing