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Our Oven Range
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We offer four ovens in our range:


The ETNA – Our smallest oven suitable for small gardens and occasional use - with a floor area of 5,026cm2 (0.5m2) - space to cook two pizzas.


The AMIATA – the most popular size - with a floor area of 7,854cm2 (0.78m2) space to cook four pizzas.


The STROMBOLI – suitable for larger families - with a floor area of 10,854cm2 (1.08m2), space to cook six pizzas. This is the ideal size if you are planning to use your oven for parties and larger gatherings.


The VESUVIUS – our largest oven - with a floor space of 13,854 cm2 (1.38m2), space to cook 12 pizzas. Ideal for restaurants or large parties – this oven can cope with everything.