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Frequently Asked Questions relating to our Ovens - FAQ

Will my oven require building work?
Yes - details are available in the technical section of the website. A competent builder should be able to install your oven in a matter of days. Costs will vary depending on the design and finish you require.

Can I install my oven indoors?
Yes - several houses in Italy have this as a standard feature (much like old English houses used to have bread ovens) - details of how to install an oven indoors is covered in the technical section.

How long will my oven take to heat up?
Your oven will take around 40 minutes to heat up but it will stay hot for several hours.

I live in a Smoke Control Zone - is this a problem?
Not at all - Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens are DEFRA certified and exempt from the restrictions of the Clean Air Act 1993.

What tools do I need to use my oven?
We recommend that you have a Large Pizza Peel, a Small Pizza Peel, a Wire Brush and an Ash Scoop. We stock a large range of tools and can even have Peels custom made to your specification! Email for details.

How long will my oven last?
A lifetime, if not several! Thanks to the 100% Terracotta construction, Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens should last for many years - In fact we have examples of our ovens that were installed in Italy back in the 1800s and they are still going strong!

What dishes can I use in my oven?
We recommend you use dishes that can withstand high temperatures, as your oven will get very hot, cast iron dishes and casseroles are ideal.

Is my oven environmentally friendly?
Absolutely - not only is your oven Carbon Neutral (as you burn wood in it) but because Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens are the most efficient ovens they require very little fuelling during operation.