There are other ovens available which are not accredited in the same way - in fact there is one range of ovens that only the base is accredited, not the walls or ceiling. This is because the ceiling and walls of these other ovens are constructed with a material that is not food grade - hence the base being made from a different material. If you are considering buying one of these ovens then make sure you enquire about what certification (if any) is in place and what it applies to.

Below is a photo of an oven with a deteriorating ceiling.

deteriorating ceiling

Why Buy Your Wood Fired Terracotta Oven From Us?

At Italy Imported Limited, we are very proud to sell our Wood Fired Ovens - this is because we have every confidence that they are the best available. Our close links with the family that make the ovens (and have done since 1535) ensures the highest possible quality.

Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens are the only ovens available that are 100% terracotta and 100% made by hand.

When comparing the market and researching, you will read a lot about "refractory material" - this is a nice way of saying "fireproof cement". Terracotta behaves very differently to "refractory material" when it is exposed to heat and flames. Italy Imported Ovens can withstand very high temperatures without any damage occurring to the terracotta. Unfortunately this is not the case with "refractory material" - after exposure to heat and flames, "refractory material" starts to degrade and eventually it starts to powder. This powder ends up on whatever is being cooked inside the oven and does not improve flavour or texture! Sadly most ovens made from "refractory material" do not last very long as quite simply they are not built to last. Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens will last a lifetime (if not longer) - in fact there are several Italy Imported ovens still in use in Italy today that were built many, many years ago. Some examples are getting on for 150 years old - working antiques!

Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens have been tested and accredited by ILAC, the International Laboratory Accreditation CoOperative - www.ilac.org

The analysis and subsequent certificate is effectively a quality guarantee - indicating that our ovens are made from a suitable material to be used for food production. Please note that 100% of our ovens are covered by this certificate - every single part of our ovens are subject to this test - the base you cook on and also the walls and the ceiling of the oven. At Italy Imported Limited we feel very strongly about this - we have made sure that our ovens are constructed to the highest possible standard and that they are safe to use, every surface in our ovens are of food grade quality - obviously it is impossible to cook a pizza on the roof of the oven but we feel the ceiling is as important as the base when it comes to food standards and health and safety.

Italy Imported Wood Fired Ovens are 100% food grade terracotta and 100% covered by the certificate. Every oven we sell arrives with the certificate for your records and peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us for further information about the accreditation process.

At Italy Imported Limited we value every customer and guarantee satisfaction - please email or telephone for help or assistance at every step of buying, building and using your oven.
diagram of ove